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About Takt

Why we started Takt

The need for data annotation exists across a spectrum of AI applications. Until recently, crowdsourcing has been a reasonable alternative. However, we believe that AI applications being developed today are complex and need a data annotation pipeline that can handle this complexity.

Our platform, coupled with our curated in-house workforce, give us the ability to create high-quality training data for even the most complex of use cases at extremely affordable pricing.

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About Takt

About the Takt Team

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About Takt

Meet the Takt team

Jai Thirani


Jai studied Computer Science and Finance at UPenn. He founded Takt in his senior year after seeing the need for in-house domain expert annotation pipelines. He manages the Sales, Strategy and Product Alignment at Takt.

Aditya Padwal


Aditya leads the Product Development and Digital Marketing at Takt. He has previously worked on B2B health startups and co-founded Takt with aim to work on his own venture in the AI space.

Kunal Thirani


Kunal handles the Operations at Takt. He has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry and is horizontally deploying his Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) expertise in the annotation process.

Backed by Experts

Afore Startup Bootcamp

Takt was selected to be a part of the Afore Capital Zero-to-1 Startup Bootcamp in September of 2020. Through this six week journey we learnt about everything from Product-Market fit to Scaling Sales from experts in the industry. This enriching experience enabled us to accelerate our initial development and form a strategy for the long term.

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