Text Annotation and Classification at >98% Accuracy

Power your NLP and Machine Learning Models with Consistency at Scale

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Struggling with inconsistent labelers who miss the nuances of your text datasets?

Eliminate frustrating annotations that don't account for edge cases with consistency across time.

  • In-house Labelers Proficient in Linguistics

  • Thorough Guidelines Built by Domain Experts

  • Repeatable and Consistent Training

  • Instant Feedback Loops

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Accuracy at Scale

Annotation at scale requires custom workflows to account for your dataset's complexity.

  • Process controls specific to the dataset ensure machine-like accuracies at scale

  • Rapid hiring pipeline for varying complexity requirements

  • Agile workforce designed to deal with fluctuating volumes

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Reduce your labeling costs by 43%

Takt is committed to finding the exact dataset-annotator fit required ensuring you don't overpay.

  • 43% more cost effective than crowdsourced platforms

  • $0.05-$0.14 price range per label on 96% of past datasets

  • No minimum contract size

  • Pilot run before agreeing to any contract

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Over 21M+ NLP Data Points Labeled

We are experts in the domain of NLP having worked with varying complexities, contexts and structures.

Named Entity Recognition

Build complex information extraction applications, in fields such as Clinical AI, that rely on Named Entity Recognition by domain experts who understand the context.

Text Classification

Leverage Takt's customized workflows, implemented through our platform, to handle complex text classification tasks that cannot be crowdsourced.

Multi-Lingual Transcription

Utilize Takt's data centers in India and South-East Asia to service a range of languages while maintaining the accuracy through in-house domain experts.

Data Collection

Build diverse corpuses for your unique applications by leveraging our on-demand and scalable workforce for your data collection requirements.

What you get with TAKT


Greater than 98% accuracy
training datasets so that you can trust your models


Ability to use your internally
developed Labeling UI or TAKT's proprietary in-house tools

Customer Service

Shared Slack channels to ensure you can reach our team whenever you need


Full time labelers with NDAs
working on-site at our secure facilities. SOC Type I compliant.

Our data required contextual understanding that we thought was not possible to outsource. TAKT, with its highly skilled and perceptive labelers, raised the performance of our algorithm from 90% to 98%.

Phillip House
CTO at Amper

Takt did a great job with our labeling task - they learned a domain-specific labeling task with a high level of accuracy and maintained a high level of accuracy throughout the task. They stand above and beyond other services due to their attention to detail and commitment to quality!

David Lim
Machine Learning Engineer at atSpoke

After running trials with a number of companies, Takt was by far the most accurate and reasonably priced for our needs. The team understood the level of detail necessary for >99% accuracy and we were able to virtually eliminate false-positives. I personally appreciated the crisp communication via Slack, allowing us to tackle uncertainties as they arose, ensuring high accuracy.

Sacha Spitzer
Podcast Product Manager at Media Monitors

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