No-Code Process Workflow Automation

Optimize operations and track employee performance on a unified platform

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Map out and Automate Workflows

Leverage our robust no-code, intuitive workflow modeler to easily design and deploy sophisticated operations processes rapidly.

  • Constantly drive performance and efficiency of processes by rapid iteration

  • Eliminate data silos to create insights on long-term trends and bottlenecks

  • Improve visibility and tracking for processes across your entire organization

  • Lower operational costs by bringing people and systems together into completely automated processes.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation

Transform paper-based and legacy workflows on a single digital platform, allowing you to automate them and achieve the highest levels of efficiency

  • Create powerful checkforms and tasks as building blocks for your workflows

  • Support for a multitude of data ingestion methods through third party integrations

  • Significantly reduce the opportunity for human error and drive higher levels of productivity

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Gain Powerful Insights with a Central Dashboard

Get an eagle's eye view of the health your operations or drill down to a specific process, stage, task or employee and create leading indicators for quality.

  • Instant alerts on high priority tasks' progress

  • Live tracking for workflows

  • Daily/Weekly reports on key employee performance metrics

  • Recommendations to eliminate bottlenecks

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Our robust and flexible workflow tools help model, track and analyze processes with varying complexities, contexts and structures


Shifts, workcenters, BOMs, issue dispositions, and work instructions are always changing. Takt helps you manage the chaos and keep your team productive and producing great product.

Supply Chain

Build flexible business processes around your supply chain systems. Simplify purchasing by generating accurate reports, decreasing response times and identifying bottlenecks


Manage the care journey of your patients and members more efficiently and give them peace of mind with the power to navigate their own health coverage anytime, anywhere

Human Resources

Employ workflow automation to automate repetitive tasks, such as assigning shifts, measuring time and attendance as well as managing payroll and leave

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