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Struggling to educate labelers to the nuances of NLP data?

Eliminate frustrating annotations that seem conceptually correct but don't account for edge cases

  • In-house Labelers Proficient with NLP Datasets
  • Thorough Guidelines Built by Domain Experts
  • Majority Votes and Review Processes
  • Instant Feedback Loops
  • Daily Training Sessions

We Scale With Your Dataset

Crowdsourced platforms often lack a high level of accuracy and quality at scale

  • Process controls specific to the dataset ensure machine-like accuracies at scale

  • Designed to deal with fluctuating volumes to fit your timelines

  • Agile workforce that can adapt to varying complexity requirements
Computer and phone

Reduce your labeling costs by 43%

TAKT is committed to saving your time, effort and money so that you can focus on the data science
Computer and phone

  • 43% more cost effective than crowdsourced platforms

  • $0.05-$0.14 price range per label on 96% of past datasets

  • No minimum contract size
  • Decreasing prices with scale

Over 21M+ NLP Data Points Labeled

We are experts in the domain of NLP having worked with varying complexities, contexts and structures.

  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Speech-to-Text Validation
  • Multi-Lingual Transcription
Computer and phone

What you get with TAKT

Greater than 98% accuracy training datasets so that you can trust your models
Ability to use your internally developed Labeling UI or TAKT's proprietary in-house tools
Customer Service
Shared Slack channels to ensure you can reach our team whenever you need
Full time labelers with NDAs working on-site at our secure facilities. SOC Type I compliant.

Our data required contextual understanding that we thought was not possible to outsource. TAKT, with its highly skilled and perceptive labelers, raised the performance of our algorithm from 90% to 98%.

Philip House
CTO at Amper

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